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Rytter & Rytter was established
in 1985 and is a part of KKART

Rytter & Rytter is a brand in KKART and a guarantee for an artistic
solution of high quality in harmony with the architecture and landscape

Rytter & Rytter's artistic and design competencies include work in materials and assignments such as

Rytter & Rytter holds extensive experience in monumental arts and
artistically crafted decorations in architecture and landscape

Rytter & Rytter has for KKArt performed various competitive proposals.
Some invited, others in collaboration with various Danish architects and landscape architects.

Lectures and courses offered by KKART - education

Training and pregraduate courses preparing students for the admission to Danish and international art schools, art academies and schools of design and architecture. A course runs typically between six months and a year. Training is based on the individual level of each student and the graduate course in question. The course programme usually consists of the following subjects:
  • — Basic painting interpretation
  • — Classic drawing Picture analysis
  • — Composition techniques of materials
  • — Colour theory
  • — Croquis
  • — Perspective drawing
  • — Read and understand architectural drawings
  • — Projects
  • — Design
  • — Arts and history of architecture
  • — Presentation and communication
The course concludes with a selection of the material students need to enter the selected graduate courses.
Increase employee job satisfaction and efficiency by means of colour scheme, interior design and decoration. Colour psychology. The integrated art. Harmony and awareness. Dialogue and cooperation.
Creative development for professionals of the following subjects:
  • — Development and design of new products
  • — Aesthetics and ethics consulting
  • — Art events in connection with sales promotions and launches
  • — Talks and courses aimed at the development of managers and employees
  • — The workplace of the future
  • — Workplace environment

Open, clear and without boundaries – Composition and spatiality.

Movement in a given format – The art of possibilities.

The road to diversity – Nature as master - Fibonacci and the golden ratio.

Things turned upside down – New perspectives What is creativity? Can creativity be taught? The brain’s role in creativity. Tapping into the creative potential of the employees. Development of ideas. From idea to product.

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Colouring of buildings, painting & wall decorations.

Glass decorations, stained & cut glass.

Floors, flooring in linoleum, wood and stone.

Light sculptures, design of light fixtures and interactive light design.

Mosaics, design of mosaic decorations in marble and glass.

Mural paintings, painting, sgraffito – coloured cement plaster, stuccolustro
– polished marble plaster.

Paving in stone, cement slaps and tiles.

Sculptures in wood, stone and bronze.

Water arts, water fountain design and fountains.

Mosaics, design of mosaic decorations in marble and glass.

Landscape art. Art in the landscape made of only natural resources.

Oil painting, acrylic painting, tempera, water colours, etc.

Graphic design. Design of logos, posters, book illustrations, etc.

The most recent addition to Rytter & Rytter’s field of expertise is interactive
arts in cyberspace.